Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tuesday's Seashore Scavengers

On Tuesday some of West Base 2 went on a scavenger hunt at The Fleet by Ferrybridge. Thanks to Dorset Wildlife Trust for letting us enjoy this Scavenger Hunt.

We had a lovely walk along the beach to the Chesil Beach Centre.
Mark, from Dorset Wildlife Trust, talked to us about what can be found in Lyme Bay and The Fleet.
We saw the shell of an edible crab - it was empty.

Here are some of the amazing living things we found.

Lucy found a green shore crab.
Amelie found one of the air pockets from some sea weed. 
Grace had a huge piece of sea weed and showed us the air pockets.
Some cockle shells. 
Even bigger cockle shells.
Lots of limpets on their rocks and cockle shells.
Limpets on their rocks.
Another green shore crab
Rex found the biggest green shore crab and Mark showed it to all of us. 


chloe said...

It was so fun walking there and looking at the things what live in the water
so fun finding out what they do why don`t you pick then up it `s because
if you pit up a living thing`s on a rock,in the water,on shore. My legs where
tired when I got home I went to sleep as soon as I walk though the door I had the best fun of my live I hope every one had fun

To west base 2
I hope you had so much fun

from chloe

charlie mccann said...

Yes Chloe and i loved this trip a big thanks to mrs watson & the team at the center