Friday, 5 June 2015

Our Trip to Fancy's Farm

Today has been an excellent day, we spend it at Fancy's Farm on Portland. First we would like to say a very big THANK YOU  to everyone at the Farm, for looking after us so well and accommodating so many of our fantastic learners. It was lovely to hear all about the animals they have on their working Farm and for making us feel so very welcome.

Another THANK YOU goes to our brilliant parent volunteers who walked with us and spent the day at the Farm, without you all day's like this can't happen.

We know lots of you have been following our blog posts today but in case you missed anything there is out day in a few pictures.

We has a big walk up the hill, but we all made it and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure! 

We had to go under bridges, through tunnels and up hills

We needed to stop a few times to make sure we were drinking enough water, we know that helps to give us energy...

We saw some amazing views

And it even felt like we were going through caves... and climbing up a cliff!

Finally we made it to the farm, what a beautiful day and a fantastic spot.

Farmer Jon gave us a tour round the farm and told us about the many animals they have

We all wanted to keep these very cute 2 week old goats. 
They were lovely and we were allowed to stroke them

Finally it was time for our Picnic lunch.

After a much quicker walk home, we arrived back to school.

What a super day. I think we will all sleep well tonight!

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