Thursday, 4 June 2015

Exciting Maths with Mr. Spracklen

Today, some learners in West Base 2 were treated to an exciting Maths lesson with Mr. Spracklen in which we explored squared and cubed numbers.

In the lesson, Mr. Spracklen shared how to square REALLY LARGE numbers in our head - instantly! This easy to learn technique had us calculating the square of numbers up to 100 - without the need for a calculator! Check us out!

The 'trick' is easy first we find the distance from the number being squared to the nearest tens number. Say for example we are trying to find the square of 23 - the nearest tens number is 20, which is 3 away from 23. So 3 is our result!

We use this number to find the square, by taking this number from the number being squared (23 - 3 = 20) and then adding this number to the number being squared (23 + 3 = 26). We easily multiply these two numbers (20 x 26 = 520).

To this, we add our distance number squared (3 x 3 = 9). So we add 9 to 520...our answer is 529.
We love the maths!

See below for an example of this in action -

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