Sunday, 26 April 2015

Raymond Briggs stories

In West Base 2 we have been looking at Raymond Briggs stories. He has written some very well known stories, often as graphic novels, many of which have been turned into short animated films.

We have had fun acting out some of the scenes from Ug Boy Genius of the Stone Age, as well as The Man. Here we are playing different characters at different points in the story.

Ug and his family sleep under stone bedding as it's the 'stone age'.
We acted out the scene where Ug and his Mum are talking about food that has been cooked.

Here we are acting the scene from 'The Man' where the boy is rudely awaken in the morning by sweets being thrown at his head.
We are thinking about a stone age breakfast.

Rex is clearing up after 'The Bear' - Joe - who has messed up the bedroom.

Lucy and Ethan are acting the scene where Ug and his friends have play a game of 'stone age' football, they got very sweaty!

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