Saturday, 7 February 2015

Debating in Literacy

We have been reading 'I was a Rat' by Phillip Pulman during our literacy lessons. It is set in the past and the main character, Roger. gets taken to be a 'turn' in a side show at a local fair by a character called Mr Tapscrew.

We had a class debate to decide if we thought it was morally wrong to put Roger into the fair. We made notes as a group to prepare for our debate.

We took it in turns to put forward our opinions and waved our books in support, just like in parliament, if we agreed with an opinion.

Here we are putting forward our opinions:

Lucy said Roger was losing weight as Mr Tapscrew didn't feed him healthy food and that was unkind.

We all agreed with Lucy 

Emma said that Mr Tapscrew was taking advantage of Roger.

Rex said that Mr Tapscrew was mean.

We finished with a vote and we deiced that we thought Mr Tapscrew should not be allowed to have a fair side show any more.


mnrhj said...

thats a great literacy lesson

Chloe said...

i love that lesson wb2
:) by chloe

Chloe said...

thats a good story by chloe britten

Heisham Garratt said...

This is interesting work from heisham