Thursday, 26 February 2015

Architects at work

This afternoon we having been designing our own dream buildings, thinking what they would have in them and what materials they would be made from.

We set to work creating some of our own fantasy buildings, we enjoyed using lots of different shapes  and thinking about the location of our dream buildings.

After a busy afternoon of model making we were lucky enought for have a visit from a real life Architect. We learnt about the different stages in the design process and the teams of people involved in the making of a building. We also found out lots about the different materials buildings could be made from and even heard about a building made from hay!

Thank you so much to our visiting Architect for taking the time to come in and talk to us.

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Alison Watson said...

What a wonderful day! Great to see young children exploring the built environment and particularly to see that they are learning that it takes a team of people to create a building. Their faces say everything - they're having fun (and learning at the same time). Introducing children to care about the built and natural environment from a young age has got to have a positive impact on their lives. Now let's get them modelling those fantastic buildings digitally!