Monday, 19 January 2015

What's inside a Computer?

When we started our Computer Science topic this term, one question lots of West Base pupils wanted to know was, what actually is inside a computer?

The answers from the class varied greatly. We knew there were some wires, chips (not the sort you eat) and even fans but we weren't sure exactly where they were or what each part does.

We arranged for some Year 9 Computing students to come down and give us a lesson and, most importantly, help us take apart some old computers so we could see and touch what was inside.

We learnt all about the CPU, the hard drive, where the DVD player was and found the fan along with many other things.

It was such fun being taught by older students and we really enjoyed the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who gave up their time and helped us. We are looking forward to them visiting again this week.

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