Friday, 9 January 2015

BYOD Week One

This week has seen the launch of Osprey Quay West Base and West 2 BYOD pilot scheme (Bring Your Own Device). Pupils have been invited to bring in their own devices if they wish to use in the classroom.

We have been incredibly impressed with the participation, with over 50 devices now registered on our network. The range of technology now visible in our learning bases is quite amazing; hudls, Chromebooks, PCs, iPod touches, Kindles and many more. All of these devices are supporting the day to day learning in our classrooms. 

It has been really interesting overhearing pupils conversations regarding the different devices. They are readily sharing advice and tips on how best to use a range of devices (useful for the teaching staff who after this week are becoming expects on how to connect any device onto the WiFi network) and it has been very positive for pupils to see and use a range of devices, reflecting the reality of the world around us. 

A big thank you to all parents who are supporting us with this trial. If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to contact a member of staff. Our doors are always open. The BYOD trials will continue throughout the year

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