Monday, 26 January 2015

Amelie and Izaak go to BETT ( British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London

Our stall  had 3 robots and 3 computer's the robot 's name's are Dash, Dot and Big-Track.
We helped people from IVY chimly's.

Amelie is wearing google glasses.

    Amelie stepped into another world.                        Isaak with Google glasses.

Izaak is using a 3D doodler pen it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the 3d doodler Amelie did an AMH and a LH.

We might win a iPad!!!!!!!!!!


Izaak held a snake and other reptiles and creatures. We saw some of the sights of London.

By Amelie and Izaak    

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Jonathan Furness said...

Dear Amelie and Izaak,

I am so pleased that you had an amazing time at the BETT show. It was great to meet you both and the children from Ivy Chimneys enjoyed working with you. Well done on such a brilliant blog post. I love the photographs!

It looks like you were kept very busy! If you could have one of the pieces of technology that you used at the show, which one would you choose?

Hopefully we will see you next year!

Mr Furness
Head Teacher
Ivy Chimneys Primary School