Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Meet our Viking Characters

Yesterday in literacy we had a task to create our own Viking characters for a story we will be writing in a few weeks time, we would like you to introduce you to a few new friends!

Meet our first friendly Viking, He is a very gentle character - loves baking and is afraid of people getting hurt. He had lots of friends and wears shiny shoulder pads - well why not!

Our next character is incredibly beautiful (as you can probably see) however she has a strange fear of stripy cats! In her spare time she enjoys picking fruit for her woven basket and having a good old dance. She wears a lot of spikes.

Our next character definitely has a kind heart, he hates people getting hurt and wants to see people happy - he is friends with everyone. His coat is really, really fluffy and he is always smiling.

Our next character is as vicious as he looks and very evil. He is scared of Dragons but he has a secret room.... He looks extremely scary - as you can tell.

This character is kind, pretty and very lovely. She enjoys playing viking games and has lots of viking fiends. She has flame red hair a pointed arrow shapes spear and a green blue dress.

Our final character has yellow gold hair, two shields (Because when is 1 ever enough) brown sandals and a bright red dress. She likes flowers but is afraid of foxes.

We look forward to telling you more about our characters as we continue to write our Viking stories.

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