Thursday, 23 October 2014

Wren week in West base

This week has been Wren Week across all IPACA campuses. We have enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the week.

Events started with a joint assembly with Royal Manor campus. It was great to have our assembly via Google hangout and see some of our older brothers and sisters at Royal Manor. 

On Tuesday we had a visit from Help the Heroes, the chosen charity for Wren House. We were very excited to be able to meet Hero Bear, the charity's mascot and ask questions about the great work carried out by the charity.

Throughout the week we have been busy crafting our best buildings ever. We have had some fantastic entries from Lego building to models with working draw bridges and real life lights. Winners of the competition will be announced soon.

In addition to this we have been running a colouring competition. All pupils were invited to enter the competition and we were incredibly impressed with the results and now have a temporary art gallery on display!

A cake sale was held today, all proceeds will go to the chosen charity. A massive thank you to all who kindly donated cakes.

Finally our week ended with a visit from Dinky the miniature pony who had travelled down from Fancy's Farm on Portland.

It has been brilliant to have so many exciting events to take part in this week. To find out what other campuses have been doing during Wren week you can visit the Wren House blog.

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