Friday, 10 October 2014

Packaging designers

This week's we have been packaging designers. Our task was to design some packaging and posters for bath products. We looked at different packaging and sorted the products depending on their colours - did they make us feel calm, cool, relaxed or energetic. Once we had selected our colour pallet our next job was to design our packaging.

Following on in the design process we use an app called Foldify. This is great app which allows you to create your own net for a 3D object. Using our designs we set to work and produced some excellent designs.

The tricky bit was cutting out our nets (it's very fiddly) and gluing it all together.

Finally we set to work at making some posters, using designs similar to our packaging to advertise our products.

What a busy week!

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Mrs Taylor said...

Great work all if you! The boxes that have already been made look fab :)