Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mathletics Fame - Updated!

I know we have been posting a lot about Mathletics recently but the enthusiasm of the children in West Base to use the programme has been amazing. It's not often you have children asking if they can 'play' on a maths game during free time and at wet break times.

As a result of all their hard work look where we are in the top UK rankings! (That's 2nd in case you are viewing this on a tablet and it's a bit small!)

It's also great to see some of our other IPACA classes on the UK's top classes as well, Great work all round

Just a reminder that Mathletics is available for children to play at home we also use it to support our maths learning in West Base.

Children are awarded certificates each week on a Monday. Next week we will see our first silver awards, now exciting!

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Anonymous said...

Well done West Base - fantastic effort