Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Welcome Back from West Base.

It was lovely to see everyone today and hearing all your fantastic summer holiday news, everyone has been very busy.

This year in West base we are pleased to be joined by Mrs Taylor (Formerly Miss Ward). For those of you new to our Learning base we wanted to take a few minuted to re-introduce ourselves.

In case you have forgotten what we look like over the summer here is our selfie: Mrs Taylor,  Miss Heppell and Mrs Watson

We are joined in our base by a fantastically hard working team: Mrs Cross, Miss Spence, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Fairclough

We are also joined by Mrs Griffiths and Miss Scammell

Can we remind you that doors open at 8:30 and our day starts at 8:40.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


charlie mccann said...

cool selfies

charlie mccann said...

epic selfie

jak langdown said...


charlie mccann said...

epic selfie

charlie mccann

Anonymous said...

cool selfies

Emma said...

Teacher selifi whhhhoooooooo have fun

Billy said...

Nice photos.

caden said...

good wark west base