Monday, 15 September 2014

Live from Drury Lane

We enjoyed a fantastic live session this afternoon with Drury Lane Theatre in London. We signed in through special live web link. You can watch the live session again here.

We learnt all about how to draw Willy Wonka with no other than Quentin Blake as our teacher - here we are with our great work, and her is some detailed sketched from some of our children! What a fantastic group of artists we have!

We then learnt how to make special blueberry donuts with a live cooking session - Violet Beauregard might enjoy there! (We apologise in advance if all west base children come home wanting to 'experiment' in the kitchen!)

Finally we took part in a massive sing along, accompanied by no other than Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka - what a fantastic experience.

(Video coming soon....!)

I wonder if any of our West Base students can remember any of the great facts we learnt about the great author Roald Dahl himself? Please let us know!


Mr. Spracklen said...

How exciting! I bet you had a wonderful time!

Did you see anything of Augustus Gloop, that great big greedy nincompoop!


Sounds like such fun, I think I need to pop in soon 👍.

Keep up the good work.