Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My school trip to SandWorld

On July 17 my class went to SandWorld with east base,we got there on six coaches. We organised the groups with our houses.

The resin we went to SandWorld is our topic is Hooray, let's go on holiday.

When we got there we walked into a little court yard by a massive sand pit I will tell you about later.

There were four activities they were: a tour,sketching,activity sheets and massive sand pit.

First wren went on a tour it was fascinating how people could carve sand into such amazing things.And with such detail I loved it the reson I was s stunned was because I couldn't do anything like that it is truly amazing.

Next was sketching I have to admit I was not to keen I just couldn't do it, you had to draw four things that you had seen and I am rubbish at drawing.

After that was the activity sheets I didn't even get close to finishing them so I can't really say anything.

Last we did the massive sand pit were I made two big castles and Miss Heppell made a minion.

by Finlay


Vicky Short said...

Well done Finlay - it was a good day

Vicky Short said...

Well done Finlay - it was a good day