Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Home Learning Week beginning 5th May

Following our series of posts to support home learning we have collected some tutorial videos to help support work taking place in West Base.


We will be looking at ordering numbers this week. We have found this video, we hope you enjoy it, it made us laugh, especially at the end!

We will also be looking at inverse operations


In our literacy sessions we will be looking at the story mountains used to plan a story

We hope you enjoy these videos and find them useful. Any questions r comments please do email a member of staff or add your comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good to see you all working so hard with your maths. We have another task for you - please could you find out about communications in the past as we need a documentary about how people communicated in the past.

Let us know how the research goes and then we'd like a brief idea of your films - thanks