Sunday, 27 April 2014

Home Learning Week beginning 28th April

Each week we are hoping to provide pupils with a blog post full of video clips and questions to help extend learning in West Base. This will give parents the chance to have an understanding of what pupils will be discussing in West Base along with providing the pupils with an understanding of the days activity before attending the lessons.


This week in maths we will be focussing on Subtraction.

Pupils will be subtracting using number line (Circles,Triangles, Squares, Rectangles, Oblongs and Pentagons)

and subtracting using partitioning (Hexagons, Octagons, Parallelograms and Quadrilaterals)


We have been looking at Fantasy stories. This week in literacy we will be looking at good v's evil characters. This video will be helpful for our work on Thursday.

We will also be looking at ways of travelling into fantasy worlds.

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