Friday, 7 February 2014

Handa's Surprise

We have been focussing on WOW words in our literacy this week and were set the challenge to re write Hana's surprise using some of the WOW words we have learnt. We loved doing this and especially enjoyed reading the results of all our had work.

Here is the story as told by a group of children in West Base:

Handa sat in her little town. She could hear people chatting and cow's mooing. She started putting the smelling, amazing, sweet fruit in her basket. (Rhys)

She carefully put the fantastic fruit into her basket. She carefully walked down the path towards Akayo's village, it was boiling hot. (Sam)

Handa put all the scrummy exotic fruits into the huge straw basket wondering what fruit Akayo would like best. But all Handa could smell was the yummy, scrummy, delicious fruits. Meanwhile all the bugs and flies were hovering above starting and the amazing fruits wanting to eat them. (Libby)

The monkey slowly, creepily took the banana. Handa was distracted by the lovely hot summer. Handa heard the long grass swish, swishing along the wind, the grass hoppers were bouncing and hopping about everywhere. She saw the butterflies fluttering around her, the wind swashed by the trees. The monkey crept off, he quickly swallowed the banana. (Melody)

Meanwhile Handa was thinking what Akayo's favourite, amazing, delicious fruit would be. Then an ostrich stole the juicy, yellow guava. After that she could see the lovely beautiful sun shining before her. (Jessica)

Handa heard the grass swishing, she turned around, but she didn't see anything it must be giving me the spooks she thought. She carried on going but it wasn't giving her the spooks there was a stripy, smooth zebra following her, it wanted the juicy orange. (Amelie)

The Ostrich was walking when her eye caught sight of the guava. She kept her eye on it, she walked in the grass behind Handa who was wondering if Akayo will like the delicious, amazing, outstanding, astonishing guava. The Ostrich still had her eye on it, she licked her lips. (Billy)

Handa was happily strolling along to her friends village. She didn't hear the elephant rustling in the long grass towards her, trying to get the ripe red mango. (Orson)

When Handa was walking a great big elephant took the red ripe mango with it's long, brown trunk and ate it bit by bit. (Zach)

Handa had the beautiful basket on her head. A giraffe came and took the juicy spiky pineapple with his tongue as big as a chocolate bar. (Honey )

Suddenly an amazing fierce menacing goat escaped and was rapidly charging but as the goat was charging the  rope was getting tangles around the goat. Whilst the goat was charging he was still looking scary and creepy. (Ethan)

Handa was just about to get to Akayo's village and then suddenly a goat slammed into a tree and thousands of tangerines fell out of a tree and straight into Handa's basket. Handa carried on walking past corn fields until she got to Akayo's village.  (Finlay)

The Chickens are clucking in the village when Handa excitedly saw Akayo. The light was gleaming on the buckets outside the doors in the village. (Adam)

When Handa got to Akayo's village age was thinking of the exotic, tropical, deluxe fruits. Her feet were aching on the dusty, hot, sandy ground. She could hear a dog woofing wearily. A hen clucking for midday, people playing and tired workers. Akayo's village was small but hard working. Akayo was working in her muddy, sunny, beautiful garden, so when she saw Handa she stopped, stared and ran over to say hello. (Tiahnie)

When Handa came with the juicy shiny tangerines Handa ran to Akayo. When she got to Akayo she said " Shiny juicy melty tangerines. These are glorious! Thank You!!! (Charlie)

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