Thursday, 27 February 2014

Flying high

We had a great time at computer club today. We will be having frequent visits and support from some of the IPACA Royal manor campus digital leaders.

This week they brought an exciting toy to play with, a flying machine!

It went really high but was tricky to steer. I think many of our students are keen to put in lots of hours learning the fly it!

The Drone is steered by an iPhone and can film what is can see. We enjoyed playing with it inWest Base - making the most of the large space we are lucky to have. Mr Spracklen then flew it above the school, we enjoyed watching the film of him crashing it, whoops!

The Makey Makey kit was also available to play with.

Finally some of our younger computer club members were recorded for the IPACA radio station, exciting stuff!

A reminder that computer club runs after school every Thursday in West Base, any child from IPACA is welcome to attend as long as they are accompanied by an adult!

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