Monday, 21 October 2013

Imagination Lab

On Monday pupils spent some time in IPACA Osprey Quays imagination lab. The imagination lab is one of the bases down at osprey Quay with numerous Design Technology resources available for children to use.

We were very luck to have some year 10 students come down to help us with our learning.

The children have been working hard to design toys, a challenge left by the toy maker when he visited kurt classroom last week.

We were in the imagination lab to use both the 3D printers and the woodwork facilities.

We were using TinkerCAD on the laptops to help design our toys, this was tricky and we were thankful of the support some of the year 10 pupils could offer us but after a while we were working on our own and were looking forward to printing the work out using the 3D printers.

It was very exciting watching our models printing on the printers.

Some of us chose to work using woodworking skills, luckily the year 10's helped us here as well, showing us how to safely use the different equipment available to us. It was so much fun to be able to bring our design to life in 3D.

We look forward to next term when we can work in the imagination lab again!

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